Here Are Three Places to Sell Your Furniture Online Without a Website

Starting a business is not an easy task. It calls for adequate investment in the form of money and time. As a new webpreneur interested in selling furniture online you may be facing financial challenges of setting up your store or running a website. Nevertheless, you may be having a reliable supplier of furniture. Now you are wondering whether your e-commerce dream will ever turn into reality or you will have to wait until you got enough cash to invest in a quality website. It is due to this reason you are reading this article. Well, here are three places you can sell your furniture online without a website:


If you are specializing in selling home furniture, Chairish should be your first focus. Chairish is a leading online marketplace for home furniture. As a seller, you have the opportunity to list all the items you are offering without any charges. Also, if you make a sale, you do not have to worry about the shipping arrangement.

Chairish takes the shipping arrangements burden for you. However, you only get 80% of all your sales meaning the site deducts a commission of 20%. Notably, you can transact at any time directly from your phone by downloading the Chairish app. Again, the app allows you to upload images and description of your furniture without any challenges.


Another online marketplace for furniture dealers is Offerup. Unlike Chairish, Offerup allows your customers to rate you. The site has an app designed like the one for Uber. Hence, when customers are looking for furniture online, they can know who is genuine and with best offers. So, if you offer the best quality, prices, and customer service, you have a higher probability of making more sales than your competitors. Remember, your ratings will determine your sales.


Are you located in New York or Washington DC? If so, AptDeco is the best fit for selling your furniture online. Probably, you might be having fears of you people coming to your warehouse located at your home. However, AptDeco understands this and helps you in facilitating delivery of furniture from your premises or warehouse to your customer’s place. Hence, they relieve you the delivery challenges. Also, inviting friends whether sellers or buyers, you have an opportunity to get $25. This way, you can earn an extra coin without much effort.

Now, you know where to sell your furniture online without a website. Go and implement your plan.


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