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How to Select a Clothing Website Template for Your Business


Once you know you are starting an online clothing business the next step would be setting up your website. Other than the domain name the next most important thing when it comes to creating the website is the template that you use. Now there are a lot of website template designs available on the internet and the number of choices is bound to leave you overwhelmed. This is why you should read this guide to help you decide which one to choose.

Most of the website builders have their own built-in designs to choose from while some offer the option to add premium templates from third party sources. The designs vary based on their color schemes, layouts, menu bars and many other features being offered. This is why you should select carefully based on the following criteria. This will simplify the selection process and help you pick a design that highlights your clothing collection and makes the website easy to navigate for the customer.

Content Width

You should ask yourself which width would be right for your content. There are two different options you can choose from i.e. the full-width or the boxed-width. The full-width is usually reserved for the creative and contemporary websites that have clothes that stand out. This means the background images stretches across the entire screen and it gives the impression that there are no boundaries on the content of the website.

The boxed-width on the other hand is for the business-oriented traditionalists who prefer a more structured approach to things. The content is kept inside a frame that is visible on both the right and left sides of the screen. It appears that all content is boxed inside a defined area.

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pick a design that highlights your clothing collection

Home Page Header

You have to select a home page header which is one of the first things a visitor to the website sees. This is why you should strategically place a nice image that highlights the type of clothes you are selling to the customer so they know what is in store for them. Most of the websites have a design on their home page header. This is the area at the top of the landing page of a website. A home page header can contain an image, a slideshow or even play videos if you like.

It is best to choose a header that is not too distracting and lets the customer know a little bit more about the business. You want to make a good first impression which is why you should seriously consider what type of content you will upload there.

Menu Bar

The menu bar design is also a very important part of the website design and it helps the visitor navigate through the pages. The visitor perceives the brand based on these design features which is why it is important to select them carefully. The website should be user-friendly and it should not be all about the aesthetics of the page.

The menu bar design includes the type, position and layout of the menu. You should select a design that fits with the theme of the website and suits the needs of the website as well. The menu is very important since it is the tool that audience uses to browse the website. It creates a roadmap that helps the visitors hop from one page to another so it is where most of the attention is focused. If visitors do not like the menu bar and find it difficult to use or lacking the important information then that is a failure on the part of the website.

website template designs
website template designs

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